Lessons for B2B marketers from Bizo survey

Research by “BtoB Magazine” and Bizo indicates that B2B marketers aren’t doing enough to engage prospects who are at the top of the sales funnel. A new ZoomInsights article covers the need to increase awareness of brand and products and to do so with the most appropriate tactics (hint: the corporate website is not one of them).

David Karel, vice president of marketing at Bizo, told ZoomInsights about Forester research estimating that buyers eliminate half of vendors well before they talk to a sales representative. But the BtoB/Bizo survey showed that many marketers are confused about which channels do the best job of driving brand awareness. In addition, Karel said that many marketers ignore tactics that are most appropriate for the top of the sales funnel, because those tactics can be the most difficult to measure. Find out more on ZoomInsights.