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Get Campaign Optimization Tips at the Modern Marketing Experience

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How to Use Contact Data to Get Out of a Marketing Rut

contact-dataIf you’re doing the same thing day in and day out, it may be time for a change. Marketing strategies aren’t static, after all. And no one wants to read the same content twenty times (no matter how well written it is).

With that in mind, how can you tell what would interest your buyers? You may not know for sure until you see the metrics from your campaigns. But with some help from your contact data, you can come up with more creative ways to increase engagement. Read More

The 2016 Tradeshow Marketing Lead Generation Checklist

marketing-lead-generationIf you’ve ever attended a tradeshow, you know how hectic they can be. With countless networking events and speaking sessions packed into a few days, there’s no time to rest, let alone think about marketing lead generation. But of course, that’s the end goal. So, what can you do? Read More

4 Outdated B2B Marketing Solutions & What to Do Instead

Old habits die hard. And it’s even harder to get rid of them when you don’t know the alternatives.

That being said, you simply can’t rely on outdated B2B marketing solutions anymore. We’re now well into 2016, so step up your game! It’s time to find new ways to turn prospects into sales-ready leads and accelerate your company’s growth. Read More

A Blueprint for B2B Marketers: Tapping Your Content for the Bottom of the Marketing Funnel [infographic]

marketing-funnelWhen leads don’t convert, it can be extremely frustrating. But don’t just throw them at your sales team and expect them to follow up. Use the blueprint below, created by KnowledgeTree, to add untapped value in the bottom of your marketing funnel by:

  • Figuring out what content your sales team uses at each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Making content easily accessible for your sales team
  • Creating the right content for your sales team
  • Setting up nurture programs to push leads who haven’t converted yet through the marketing funnel
  • Aligning sales and marketing

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Improve Your Luck with Your Lead Generation Campaigns this St. Patrick’s Day [infographic]


When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you most likely think about getting lucky, pots of gold, leprechauns, and the color green. So how can you apply this to your lead generation campaigns to spice things up and generate more engagement and relevant leads?

  1. Incorporate data-driven marketing into your overall strategy
  2. Add green to your campaigns
  3. Apply digital marketing trends
  4. Brew up catchy subject lines
  5. Run “lucky” themed online ads

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3 Nurture Campaign Workflows for B2B Lead Generation

A well-designed nurture campaign can improve your B2B lead generation, allowing you to educate potential buyers until they develop into sales-ready leads. This strategy can be applied to all campaigns, from whitepapers and webinars to conference follow-ups and current customer engagement.

However, in order to make the most of these different initiatives, you need to have clear processes in place from start to finish.  Read More