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The Top 5 Lead Generation Fears & How to Overcome Them

Lead generation can be scary. You put a ton of time and effort into each campaign, and still might not get as many responses as you’d hoped for. Maybe you’re reaching out to the wrong contacts. Maybe your content isn’t relevant. Or maybe it’s something else.

At ZoomInfo, we understand these fears, and are here to help. Read More

Data-Driven Marketing Benchmarks [Infographic]

If you’re using data to customize the customer experience, you’re not alone. Many organizations are now turning to data-driven marketing – the process of making decisions that arise from the analysis of data about or from customers.

In essence, this involves systematically extracting inferences from data sets to uncover trends and create opportunities that expand marketing effectiveness. Given this definition, most marketers understand the potential benefits. And yet, they may still struggle to meet objectives, citing poor quality B2B data and other concerns. So where does your organization stand? The experts at ZoomInfo put together this infographic to help you find out. Read More

Lead Qualification: The Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment

What makes someone a high-quality lead? If you don’t know, you’re in trouble. In fact, this can lead to misunderstandings – and even resentment – as sales claims they don’t have enough to work with, and marketing counters that the leads are there, but sales isn’t following up.

In this situation, it doesn’t matter who’s right; you need to settle your differences and agree on a lead qualification process. Read More

5 Sales and Marketing Solutions for Common Campaign Problems

There are many sales prospecting methods out there, including email, social media, and cold calling. But are the ones you’re using hurting you more than helping?

The fact is, sales and marketing teams often miss the mark. And in retrospect, many of the mistakes they make seem silly. Maybe their outreach efforts aren’t aligned. Or maybe they’re simply trying too hard to reach prospects.

Most sales reps truly do want to create good relationships with potential customers and have their best interests in mind. But in an effort to help, they can lose their way and use tactics that are less favorable. For that reason, you need to arm both your sales and marketing teams with the information they need to improve their outreach efforts. Read More

3 Must-Attend Sessions at the Marketo Summit

Join ZoomInfo in Las Vegas for Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit. With about 6,000 marketers expected to attend, this year’s Summit will be packed – and for good reason. Get ready for all the networking events, as well as the 100 breakout sessions from industry thought leaders, and the inspiring keynotes from speakers like Will Smith and Jamie Gutfreund. At this 3 day event, you’ll discover what’s new in marketing technology, and gain insight into the latest trends and best practices. Read More

How to Create a Customer-Centric Strategy with B2B Data

The customer is not always right. That being said, you should still keep their needs in mind as you implement different marketing initiatives. This is really what’s at the heart of a customer-centric strategy, in which the primary goal is to acquire high-value customers and maximize the value of every customer relationship (source: MarketingProfs).

So what does this mean in the B2B industry? Rather than just promoting products and services, today’s marketers are trying to help people solve problems through relevant content. And in order to do so, they’re turning to the insights their data can provide. Read More

4 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Lead Generation Campaigns

lead-generationLow click-through rates and high bounce rates are the marketing equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death. Obviously, something is wrong. But how can you solve the problem(s) before your next lead generation campaigns deploy?

For those of you who are technologically challenged, the answer may be to restart and hope for the best. But don’t worry! You can learn from your past mistakes and generate more targeted leads. Read More

The Essential B2B Marketing Stack

marketing-stackIn recent years, there has been a shift in the B2B industry. While marketers have always been under pressure to generate a large number of qualified leads for their sales team, now they must do so, while also navigating a largely customer-driven environment. This means they can no longer send out generic email blasts and expect to hear back. Instead, marketers are making an effort to personalize the customer experience, and are using a number of different technologies to streamline this process. Read More

Stop Wasting Your Expensive Leads: 9 Follow-up Strategies to Maximize Return

The following is a guest post by Nicholas Little at Fileboard.

If you received 1,000 leads today, could you turn them into business? How many of those would actually become paying customers and how many would ignore you until they get the energy to say no?

The sales industry is caught up in lead generation. Companies harvest leads from lead providers without guaranteeing their ROI. They might think enough leads will equal business, but without the right follow-up process, all companies actually get is radio silence. Read More