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6 B2B Marketing Lessons I Learned from Traveling

For the last ten years of my life I have been living in an eight mile radius right outside of Boston. I went to undergrad, earned my masters, worked for two different organizations and lived all in that small vicinity. I recently made a “big” life move and headed for the suburbs (i.e. about eleven more miles outside of the city). To say I am hesitant of moving would be an understatement. However, despite my reluctance to permanently leave the Route 128/ Massachusetts Turnpike belt, I love to travel.

I’ve tasted wine in California, skied above the tree line in British Columbia, and waved to the Queen in London. My most recent adventure in September brought me across the pond to Ireland. Like all previous travel experiences, my trip to Ireland required researching, planning, and budgeting. However, one of the most important elements of traveling (which is my favorite part), is the desire to communicate and interact with people I haven’t met before.

As I’ve settled back into the reality of my 9-5 life, I realized many of the interactions I experienced while abroad can be applied to the marketing world as well. Read More

Dreamforce 2016: The Trail Blazer Quest

Last week, seven ZoomInfo employees traveled to San Francisco for Dreamforce 2016. Like all the other attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, we were exposed to 2,000 sessions, as well as live solutions, a cloud expo with over 200 exhibitors, a U2 concert, and presentations from Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban and Will.I.Am.

Even now, a week removed from the event, I’m still trying to process all the moving parts that make up a conference of this size. But a few things stick out in my mind that I want to share.

Continue reading for a few event marketing insights from Dreamforce 2016: Read More

Mobile Trends for B2B Sales and Marketing Success

Which device do you use most often to access the internet? If you’re like most B2B professionals, the answer is probably your cell phone, not your laptop. But don’t take our word for it. According to Google, 42% of researchers use mobile during the B2B purchasing process. And a Walker Sands study recently reported that 55% of millennials surveyed had led a buying decision in the last year.

So your target audience may be younger than expected and more mobile-savvy than ever. With this in mind, consider incorporating mobile into the sales process. Among other benefits, this allows you to increase productivity, leading to B2B sales and marketing success.

But how, exactly, can you incorporate mobile best practices into your organization? Read More

5 Actions to Fool-Proof Your Sales and Marketing Alignment Plan

What’s holding you back when it comes to sales and marketing alignment?

While shared technology and tools can help, sales and marketing alignment is more about mindsets and skill-sets than it is about tool-sets. Real alignment is forged by process and people, rather than technology. Of course, technology can help automate tasks, create shared reports, and remove inefficiencies and workarounds. But if you don’t have aligned mindsets and goals, with set processes in place, your efforts to accelerate revenue growth by aligning sales and marketing efforts will crash and burn. Read More

How Marketing Can Efficiently Scale Lead Generation Results

With ZoomInfo’s first annual Growth Acceleration Summit only a month away, I’ve been thinking about simple hacks that can help organizations achieve profitable growth.

Now, I’m not a salesperson. I’ve never had a quota or owned a pipeline. But as a marketer, I’m constantly working alongside sales. And whenever growth comes up, without fail, someone will refer to the acronym A.B.C., or “always be closing.”

Meanwhile, my fellow marketing professionals have developed their own spin, “always be creating.” Read More

Going for Gold: What You Can Learn About B2B Sales and Marketing from the 2016 Olympics

The excitement of the Summer Olympics only comes around every four years. So all eyes have been glued to the TV this past week – and for good reason. It requires blood, sweat, tears and a lifetime of training for these top athletes to reach their full potential and compete at an elite level. Thankfully, you can realize your company’s growth potential with a lot less effort. I’ll explain more in the post below. Read More

How to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment through Events

Breaking down the barriers between sales and marketing has always been a challenge. But given that B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations can achieve 24% faster growth over a three year period, it’s one that must be met head-on (source: SiriusDecisions).

So, how do you achieve sales and marketing alignment as a field marketer? It starts with understanding how various marketing strategies can impact the sales process. And of course, events are still one of the most common sources of a company’s ROI. With this in mind, your best bet is to avoid the finger-pointing games, and work together toward the same goals. Read More