Introducing ZoomInfo Email Validation

An automated and low-cost option, email marketing has become a major arrow in the demand generation quiver. Since the average business spends $150,000 to generate 1000 leads – at a $150 per lead – maximizing campaign value really rests on where your email communications go, namely to the in-boxes of the right people.

Until now, when a contact left a business there was no way to ensure that future email campaigns wouldn’t be sent to them. Undeliverable emails run the risk of ruining your reputation and the effectiveness of your campaigns, because emails aren’t going to where they’re supposed to.

But that was until now.

Today ZoomInfo is pleased to unveil the newest offering in our spectrum of Data Services, ZoomInfo Email Validation, so you never have to worry about your reputation or deliverability again.

What is ZoomInfo Email Validation?

Step One: We will take your email marketing contact database and run a live deliverability test, checking (without emailing) that each email address has an in-box attached to it that can receive emails. We will then report back to you which emails are valid and which are not.

Step Two: For the invalid emails, we will harness the power of the ZoomInfo database of 5 million businesses and 50 million professionals to cleanse your database by the following:

  • Updating your existing email contacts where applicable
  • Providing new email contacts to replace invalid ones
  • Approximating new contacts at the same company and in the same position
  • Locating existing contacts who have moved on to new companies, and providing the new information

Step Three: You get a complete, updated and verified contact database to power your demand generation campaigns!

It needs to be noted that ZoomInfo continuously runs the same validation process on every email in our entire database to ensure deliverability.  No matter the size of your database, this is the solution you have been waiting for!

Ready to talk to ZoomInfo? Click the link for a Data Consultation today!

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