Increase Conversion Rates with Targeted Landing Pages & Shorter Form Fields

As a marketer, targeted landing pages with lead generation forms are your best friend. They let you capture information on people who are interested in your products and services – the people that are your most likely buyers.

So, how do you design a targeted landing page and a form that your prospects will fill out so you can move them further into your sales funnel?

What to Include

The first thing your prospects will notice is the aesthetic appeal of your page. The page should look neat and professional.

People aren’t usually willing to give out their contact information unless they’re certain that your products or services can help them. Your landing page should clearly show them what they’ll get when they fill out your form. Additionally, it should be targeted to your specific buyer persona.

The form fields should gather the information you need to start the conversation with your prospects. Your form should definitely include fields for first name, last name, and contact information (either phone number or work email address). Then, depending on the goal of the landing page, there may be other information that you want to get from them, such as job title, job function, company, address, industry, etc. Now here’s the problem: your form’s getting too long! People will take one look at all the form fields and leave your landing page without a second thought. Goodbye, potential lead!

h1>What Not To Include

Don’t be scared to revise your landing page as many times as you see fit based on campaign metrics, such as conversion rates. Though limiting the number of required fields may lead to lower quality of the prospect information, you can always get more detailed data after you get them into your sales funnel. Remember: the goal of landing pages is to get the widest client base possible! Don’t include fields that you don’t absolutely need in order to start the conversation with your prospects. The shorter your form fields, the less anxiety they’ll feel about giving out their information, and the more likely you’ll see an increase in conversion rates.

Get the Information You Need… Later

Now that you have the leads in your sales funnel, you can start improving the quality of the data. A B2B data provider, such as ZoomInfo, can cleanse and update your database on a regular basis to fill the holes, plug the gaps, and refresh records, removing obsolete data and filling it with just verified email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, correct titles, company information, and more. ZoomInfo can also identify your buyer personas by segmenting your existing B2B data to help you further target your campaigns and send relevant messages to your contacts.

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