[Part 1 of 4] Improving Candidate Response Rates: How to Start Candidate Sourcing

You’ve done your research. You’ve found the top candidates. Now comes the hardest part of candidate sourcing: how do you get them to respond to your emails?

While some recruiters might jump the gun – shooting off a cookie-cutter job listing to everyone on their list – you know better.

So how do you make sure candidates reply to your emails? Over the next four weeks, this series will help recruiters create more effective messaging. Let’s get started with the first two sure-fire ways to improve your candidate sourcing and create communications that deliver responses.

Use the right mediumcandidate-sourcing

Recruiters often reach out to passive candidates via professional social networks. Unfortunately, due to the relative ease of utilizing such platforms, this method has become somewhat of a low hanging fruit – resulting in what many people consider recruiter spam. Another issue: most passive candidates don’t check their profiles every day.

They are, however checking their email every day. 98% of people check their email daily, with the average person checking it 15 times per day. So your message is much more likely to be seen if sent via email as opposed to social networks.

Know your candidate personas

The first step in candidate sourcing is to compile job candidate personas. In order to capture candidates’ interests, you need to understand any motivators, goals, and values that could impact their decision.

With the insights your personas provide, you can speak to candidates’ motivators, improving your response rate. Relevancy is key here, and candidate personas are the perfect tool to fine-tune communications to potential new hires.

Make sure you don’t miss the next post in our series, where you’ll learn more about crafting the perfect subject line and how to show your candidates more value. If you can’t wait until next week, download the entire candidate sourcing guide here!