[Part 3 of 4] Improving Candidate Response Rates: How to Customize Recruiting Emails

This is part three of our four-part series on how recruiters can increase candidate response rates. Last week, you learned more about creating compelling subject lines and leveraging connections. This week, we’ll discuss the importance of customizing your recruiting emails.

Be direct and show valuerecruiting-email

At the end of the day, recruiters are essentially sales people touting jobs. Remember, though, passive candidates are gainfully employed, and there’s little risk for them to stay in their current position. As such, they won’t respond to a thinly-veiled sales pitch in their inbox. Whether it’s a better work/life balance, more opportunities for professional development or better pay, it’s the recruiter’s responsibility to figure out what would influence the candidate to consider an offer. This is why personas are so important for your recruiting strategy.

Customize your approach to each candidate

Don’t be generic – this is the fastest way to have your recruiting email deleted. Boiler plate pitches and job descriptions simply won’t capture your candidates’ attention. Personalized emails have consistently shown higher open rates as compared to standard emails as well. These are passive candidates, after all, so make sure to tailor your approach to each individual. Another tip: don’t send them to your online application, which only qualifies or disqualifies inbound applicants. If you’ve done your research, this process is not only redundant, but it is also a waste of your candidates’ time. Don’t make them jump through unnecessary hoops when they aren’t actively seeking employment. At this stage, you’re being evaluated by them just as much as they are by you.

Check back next week for the conclusion of this series, where we’ll talk about calls to action and the follow-up email. If you can’t wait, download the complete guide to improving response rates to your recruiting emails today.