Improve Your Email Campaigns by Removing Zombies from Your Marketing Database [infographic]

improve-email-campaigns Marketers are always looking for ways to improve their email campaigns and generate quality leads. But if you’re emailing unengaged leads, known as email zombies, you could actually be hurting your deliverability rates and Sender Score. An email zombie is defined as a lead that engaged with your organization at some point by opening your marketing emails, but hasn’t for a period of time. Sending messages to an email zombie puts your organization’s IP address at risk of being blacklisted, preventing you from deploying any emails at all. According to Return Path’s Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, only 81% of permission-based emails sent globally make it into email recipients’ inboxes. Additionally, one out of every five emails lands either in a spam or junk folder (7%) or go missing, which usually means these messages are blocked by ISP-level filtering (12%). This means that nearly 20% of emails are undelivered, hurting the deliverability of your email campaigns.

Don’t become victim to a zombie apocalypse! Check out the infographic below to find out how to prevent your contacts from turning into zombies:

Sending messages to email zombies is one of the fastest ways to hurt the deliverability rate of your email campaigns as well as your Sender Score. ZoomInfo can help your company maintain a healthy list by keeping your data fresh and up-to-date. Contact us to start improving your email campaigns today!