How to Use Contact Data to Get Out of a Marketing Rut

contact-dataIf you’re doing the same thing day in and day out, it may be time for a change. Marketing strategies aren’t static, after all. And no one wants to read the same content twenty times (no matter how well written it is).

With that in mind, how can you tell what would interest your buyers? You may not know for sure until you see the metrics from your campaigns. But with some help from your contact data, you can come up with more creative ways to increase engagement.

Here’s how to use contact data to get out of a marketing rut:

  1. Identify your buyer personas:

Buyer personas are profiles of your best customers. They are comprised of key demographic and firmographic information, including common job titles, job functions, management levels, industries, and company sizes.

Much of this information can be found within your database, along with supplemental information from data management tools. However, in order to get the full picture, you should also speak with your sales and client service teams. With their help, you can learn about your customers’ challenges and pain points, which provide a solid basis for any piece of content.

  1. Brainstorm topics by segment:

Once you’ve identified your buyer personas, you should then segment your database. Think about it this way: if something is generic enough to appeal to everyone, it probably provides little to no value. And really, there’s no point in reaching out if your contacts won’t learn anything.

As for the topics themselves, the possibilities are endless! Keep an open mind, as inspiration may come from your peers in the B2B industry, or more unexpected places, such as movies, TV shows, and upcoming holidays.

For example, let’s say you want to write a Halloween-themed whitepaper. If you’re addressing an audience of sales influencers, you could call it “The Top 10 Sales Prospecting Horror Stories.” For an audience of sales decision makers, though, “How to Save Your Team from 10 Sales Prospecting Horror Stories” might be a better fit.

If this seems overwhelming, remember that you can always repurpose content and use different formats, such as videos and infographics.

  1. Expand your reach with new contacts:

Take our word for it, if you email the same list twenty times in a row, you’ll just end up digging yourself into a deeper rut.

Don’t give up entirely, though. It’s safe to say that those who ignore your first few messages aren’t interested. But the beauty of email marketing is that you can always expand your list and build on past successes. Rather than hurting your click-through rates by reaching out to unengaged contacts, you can fuel your funnel with key contacts that match your buyer personas at these organizations, and others.

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Originally published by ZoomInfo on April 4, 2016.