How to Increase Sales Productivity & Drive More Revenue

How much time are you wasting Googling phone numbers and contact information or calling stale leads? Imagine how much your productivity would increase if you had the contact information for all of your leads right at your fingertips.

Use these 5 ways to increase the productivity of your sales team:

    1. Convert stale or incomsales-productivityplete records into productive leads – Regularly cleanse and update your B2B database with email addresses, phone numbers, titles, company information, etc. to prevent your business database from decaying. Did you know 62% of organizations rely on marketing and prospect data that’s inaccurate?

  1. Get the most out of cold calling – Make sure your sales team has access to accurate direct dial phone numbers. Just because you have direct dial phone numbers in your database doesn’t mean they’re accurate. In fact, 30% of B2B data decays annually and 43% of people’s phone numbers change each year.
  2. Provide access to deeper insights on leads and prospects – Give your sales team with a tool where they can easily access accurate business contact and background information needed to reach decision makers. This will give them the ability to engage decision makers and close deals faster.
  3. Focus your outreach on quality contacts – Shorten the sales cycle and expand deal sizes by having your reps focus all of their time on reaching out to quality contacts with accurate contact information.
  4. Get prospects on the phone faster – Equip your sales reps with segments of prospect data uniquely targeted to your best customers’ needs.

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