How to Identify Buyer Personas & Send Targeted Messages to Leads

Do you ever feel like your approach to targeting your best possible buyer is like flinging spaghetti on a wall and seeing what sticks? You’re not alone. Despite the massive amount of analytics available to companies today, many marketers are still misfiring and sending the wrong content to the wrong prospects.

Buyer Personas: Know Your Customerbuyer-personass, Know Your Prospects

A good way to sharpen your aim is to create buyer personas, which are detailed profiles about your customers. Creating buyer personas helps you determine who to target and with what message. If you don’t truly understand your customers, you risk:

  • Not knowing how your best customers are different from those who spend less
  • Ineffective, if not damaging, direct marketing campaigns caused by poor segmentation
  • Missed opportunities from incomplete prospect databases

Download our whitepaper, Know Your Customers, Know Your Prospects, for insightful approaches to identifying buyer personas and building more profitable marketing campaigns.

ZoomInfo can run an analysis on your existing B2B data to identify your buyer persona. By identifying your buyer persona you can get more of the right types of contacts for your organization, segment your data to ensure you’re sending the most relevant messages to your contacts, and improve your marketing campaigns. Contact us today for more information!