How to Create Job Candidate Personas for Recruiting

Commonly used by sales and marketing professionals, buyer personas are profiles of their best buyers – created by combining the traits, characteristics and behaviors of their most active customers. These profiles are then used to help align communications with their personas’ motivators, values, goals or fears. You can borrow this same principle to create job candidate personas for recruiting.

What are job candidate personas & how can they help in recruiting?

Candidate personas can help recruiters:job-candidate-personas

  • Streamline the hiring process
  • Inform candidate decisions
  • Advise the long term recruiting strategy

By creating a profile of the most suitable candidates, recruiters can improve their messaging – from emails, to career branding and social media.

In many cases, people who don’t oversee or directly interact with positions end up writing job listings. This can lead to higher turnover, as employees feel disappointed when their new jobs don’t match the original descriptions. However, crowdsourcing data from managers, former employees, current colleagues, and your HR department can help you create communications that align with the actual roles, as well as the personalities of your ideal candidates.

Do you have the information you need to create job candidate personas?

To learn more about how to create candidate personas, download the eBook, which includes a template to get you started.

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