Going Beyond the Business Card

Marketers and sales people have depended on business cards for too long! You collect piles of contacts from trade shows, conferences, and other business events, which you have to manually input into a CRM. You keep the cards in heaping piles in case you need to refer back to them, but would you even be able to find the one you’re looking for?

Keeping Track of Your B2B Data 23915445_m

There are many digital services to help you input B2B information from business cards. The problem is every card is different, with varying types of contact information that’s presented in formats that aren’t always the same. People are even getting more creative with their business cards. It helps them to stand out and make a unique name for themselves. This adds another level of complexity to the marketer’s job. You’re dealing with a lot of messy B2B data in too many different formats.

Maintaining Clean Business Contact Information

Business cards aren’t going away any time soon. Make sure you get everything you can from the information you already have. Why keep those piles of business cards? If you think some information may be lost while transferring the data, do you really think you’ll be able to find that one card in that huge pile? Even if you do find it, how long are you going to keep that card before that person’s job title, function, phone number, email address, or company changes? Here are some stats on data decay to put it in perspective:

  • 30% of people change jobs annually
  • 66% of people’s titles and/or job function change annually
  • 43% of people’s phone numbers change annually
  • 37% of email addresses change annually

Still think that business card from last year’s tradeshow is giving you accurate information?

ZoomInfo can help you keep your B2B data healthy by filling in missing fields, updating and cleansing out of date information such as job title, email address, direct dial phone number, company, and more. Contact us today for more information.