Global markets increasing appeal among b-to-b mailers

Permission based e-mail b-to-b lists was the highest priced domestic category in 2009, according to Worldata‘s winter 2010 List Price Index.

The index, which was released last week, showed that although it remained the highest priced domestic category the price of permission-based b-to-b e-mail lists continues to slide – $1 million in the last year, to an average price of $284 million.

Permission-based international e-mail rose $1 million in the last year, with a current straight average price of $408 million.  “Even international e-mail lists prices are inching their way up, mostly due to the growing awareness of global options,” said Ray Tesi, senior VP of Worldata, in a news release. “International e-mail has huge potential – more and more b-to-b mailers are doing business overseas.”

Newsletters were the same as last year, with a straight average price of $177 million, while the “donors” category remained the lowest-priced category, with an average list price of $83 million (an increase of $2 million in the last year).

The Straight Average CPM graph examines the average cost per thousand (CPM) of the lists according to category, such as permission-based e-mail b-to-b, business magazines/controlled circulation and books and CDs.  Triple bars are used in each category to compare CPM rates for the last three years.

The Straight Dollar Change graph shows the precise dollar amount that the average price for each category has changed within the specified twelve-month period.  The price of paid circulation business magazines and consumer merchandise buyers remained the same as last year, at $135 million and $97 million, respectively.

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