Getting vital details on Web forms with fewer fields

How do you get enough information from Web visitors to score leads, without bombarding them with too many Web form questions? Too few fields in your Web form and you could waste your sales team’s time. Some companies intentionally make Web forms long so that only serious prospects will complete them. But they might be leaving money on the table.

If your company needs as many Web form leads as it can get, form completion has to be super simple – and that means the bare minimum number of required fields. Like one: “Email address.”

That’s right. Thanks to new technology, you can rid Web forms of other demographic questions (i.e., name, job title, company name, company size, industry classification or other similar information) while still getting the vital information you need to properly score leads.

Don Wynns, vice president of business development here at ZoomInfo, writes about this new technology in a new article on ZoomInsights. He explains how technologies like the new ZoomInfo Append SparkPlug for Eloqua make it possible to create Web forms that have just one field and still get enough information to score the leads!

The article is a bit of a preview of a March 28 webinar, in which Wynns will provide more information about real-time Web form appending technologies, as well as a number of Web form best practices. Register for the webinar.

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