Getting More From Your Data: Steps Three and Four

Part II in a series by guest blogger Carlos Hidalgo about how manage your data’s hygiene. Read also about developing proper data control and consolidating your data.

3. Develop an Ongoing Hygiene Process

Expecting the sales team to update contact information as they go about their day-to-day routine is the strategy many companies implement for data hygiene. You’d have a better chance of raising the Titanic than having sales people effectively keep data clean. A better alternative is to utilize a database resource that performs regular cleaning, de-duping and appending of data. Although this can be accomplished by utilizing internal resources, often working with an outside vendor brings the highest levels of success. By consistently cleaning and updating your data you will improve the overall return on your marketing and sales campaigns.

4. Make it Dynamic

I’ve spoken to many organizations who view data management as a one-time exercise. They get their data clean, and within a few months, they are right back where they started.

Data can’t be managed statically. Instead, it must be managed as an ongoing, dynamic process. Prospects move from company to company. Customers move within organizations. As people move, their data changes. So, a regular process for keeping data clean is a necessity. Once the data is clean, establish a regular, ongoing hygiene process. Again, outside data vendors can be extremely helpful here.

Data management is important. If you don’t put these and other steps in place, you are costing your company revenue. That’s a fact.

Carlos Hidalgo, is the CEO of The Annuitas Group, provider of sales and marketing process consulting services for B2B technology, financial and manufacturing companies.

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