Email Marketing: Dead or Alive?

Email marketing is scrutinized as an outdated technology whose only purpose is to fill your spam box. Marketers have been using email campaigns for years. With technology constantly changing and evolving, there are countless ways to reach your target audience. So should email still have a place in your strategy?

The Short Answer: Yes!

The majority of modern day business professionals have an email address that they check daily. Even in this new digital era, 91% of all consumers still report daily email use. Though you can reach leads through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram, professionals are more likely to trust the information you offer in a professional email. Your prospects are far more likely to see your message when it’s in their inbox than if it’s in their Facebook newsfeed.


The Pros of Email Marketing

There are many reasons to run email campaigns. As part of an integrated marketing strategy, it can be your best bet to engage regularly with potential and existing customers. Providing updates, content, and engagement with your audience helps your business to increase brand awareness and garner trust. It’s also incredibly cost-effective with an ROI of about 4,300%.

Caveat Marketer

Make sure that you have a strategy in place for each email marketing campaign. Your campaigns should be segmented and targeted to the audience your sending to. The best way to ensure that you’re sending the most relevant messages to the right people is to create buyer personas. Segment your customer data to find out who your best buyers are so you can create relevant messages to send to those people.

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