Data Segmentation 101: A Guide for Marketers

data segmentationAs a B2B marketer, email campaigns are most likely an important part of your lead generation strategy. Data segmentation and sending targeted messages to your contacts has proven to work, so why are so many marketers still sending generic email blasts to their entire database? Your contacts have different goals, challenges, and business needs and to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to send relevant messages to them.

The Basics of Segmenting Your Data

In order to effectively segment your data, you need to keep your end goal in mind. Are you trying to improve email marketing campaign metrics? Increase conversion rates? Nurture prospects? Some common data segmentation techniques include segmenting by job title, department, hierarchy, company size, and industry. Think about the buyer journey from the time a prospect enters the sales funnel until they become a customer. This will show you patterns of who is buying and when they buy.

Send Targeted & Relevant Messages

Once you have an idea of who’s in your database, you’ll need to create buyer personas. This will help you to send relevant messages to the right people. The more focused your data segmentation is, the more you can tailor your message, subject line, and even graphics to your target audiences. Your prospects will be more enticed by a message that is specific to their pain points than by a generic email blast that is only somewhat relevant to them.

Improve Your Email Marketing Metrics

If your message is targeted, you’ll begin to notice a higher click-through rate (CTR), and ultimately more conversions. According to Marketo, data segmentation is responsible for 23% of email engagement and is the highest ROI tactic used by email marketers. Additionally, the DMA National Client Email Report found that 28% of email revenue comes from targeted emails to specific segments.

Need Help Segmenting Your Data?

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