2016 Data-Driven Marketing Solutions & Benchmarks

data-driven marketing solutionsData-driven marketing solutions should help organizations understand what they have, as well as what’s missing, so they can create a more personalized customer experience. However, this is often easier said than done.

So why are some organizations more successful than others when implementing data-driven marketing solutions? And what can any struggling B2B marketers learn from their experiences?

To answer these questions, ZoomInfo and Ascend2 put together a report on the Data-Driven Marketing Benchmarks for Success.

Let’s take a look at some key data-driven marketing solutions and benchmarks

data driven marketing solutions

More and more B2B companies have realized the importance of data-driven marketing and have increased their budgets accordingly.

data driven marketing solutions

Despite this trend, the majority of companies still say that they are only “somewhat successful” in its practice.

data driven marketing solutions

But what about those who are “very successful”? To start, 64% of these respondents agree that personalizing the customer experience is key. Measuring data-driven marketing ROI and targeting individual marketing segments are also high priorities, at 51%.

data driven marketing solutions

Now, why is it so difficult to accomplish these goals? Even those with “very successful” strategies often rely on data that is “very poor” or “somewhat poor.” In fact, only 31% of them report “very good” quality data.

data driven marketing solutions

So where does this data come from, and how can marketers ensure that it’s accurate? Some companies rely on in-house resources, while others will outsource to a specialist or use a combination of the two. No matter which you choose, one thing is clear: you can’t ignore your data and expect it to stay relevant. 62% of very successful data-driven marketers even cleanse their data at least once per month to improve results.

Check out the full benchmark report to learn more.

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