Corporate Events: If You RSVP Yes, Show Up

A few weeks ago, a story broke out about a couple who RSVP’d yes to a wedding, but didn’t show up, without so much as a text message. For some reason, this got a lot of media coverage with people taking both the bride’s side and the guest’s side.

Why aren’t we as angry about people RSVP’ing yes and then not showing up for corporate events?

corporate-eventsSome might say this is because it’s not personal. Many times, you’ll receive a marketing email, leading to a landing page. But for smaller corporate events, someone still counts each person. After all, the venue needs a final headcount and the company expects registrants to arrive.

So why don’t you reach out and let the host know you can’t make it?

There’s always someone to notify.

I’ve hosted events in the past, and will admit that we account for no-shows. I recognize that some people who RSVP may not attend. I’ve even overbooked events with this in mind.

Of course things come up, so it’s hard to commit to corporate events. And yes, attendees don’t have the same relationship with companies as they do with people. Remember, though, people put time and effort into these corporate events. Their managers also count on them to drive attendance. And they still spend money on your behalf.

So just like you would notify the bride and groom if you couldn’t attend a wedding, let’s start letting companies know we’re not attending their event anymore.

Maybe companies are doing something wrong.

Companies often target people who aren’t interested in their roadshow, presentation, or dinner. In fact, even if registrants are intrigued, they may not NEED your solution. So, don’t be surprised when a minor setback deters them from your event.IMG_0005

I spoke with industry leaders, and their numbers were astounding. According to Corey Tarne of MarketingProfs, “Only 30% of registrants of free events actually show up. Sometimes, people will even pay $1,700 and not show up.” Throughout my research, another leader in the industry mentioned that charging even a small fee increases the chances of people actually attending. He also found that in order to fill an event of 100 people, he sometimes needed to get 300-400 registrants.

ZoomInfo recently hosted 3 events and at first, I was disappointed with the turnout. But really, we drove a large percentage of attendees with over 70-80% of registrants showing up.

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Anna Fisher is the Head of Lead Generation at ZoomInfo. She is a passionate marketer responsible for brand awareness, lead generation, and lead nurturing strategies.