Closing the gap and opening doors between B2B sales and marketing teams

A new survey by collateral management company KnowledgeTree recently highlighted tensions between sales and marketing teams. No surprise: Everyone thinks everyone else could do a little better, especially with regard to sales collateral.
Our latest  ZoomInsights article reports on the survey’s findings and offers some suggestions to help get sales and marketing people on the same page.
Among the areas where marketers and salespeople disagree:

  • Whether marketing-produced collateral is of high-enough quality
  • Whether salespeople are using collateral effectively
  • Whether marketing-produced sales tools are up-to-date

Among the suggestions our article offers:

  • Salespeople can alert marketers when tools need updating and suggest collateral that will work for their markets
  • Marketers can provide training to salespeople on available collateral and the best ways to use it

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