Build More Profitable Marketing Campaigns with Buyer Personas & Lead Scoring

Knowing and understanding who your prospects and customers are is essential to building more profitable marketing campaigns. In addition to knowing names, email addresses, phone numbers, industries, and titles, it’s important to know who these people are, how they engage with your organization, their needs and interests, and where they are in the sales process. Once you understand the data, you can begin to develop buyer personas and better leverage lead scoring.

The Importance of Understanding Data

Whether you’ve been handling your marketing database for many years or just took it over, zooming in the data should be your top priority. This is what fuels your marketing campaigns and drives revenue. When marketing and sales teams don’t understand existing B2B data, they risk the following:

  • Not knowing how customers differ from one another
  • Inability to segment and target, potentially damaging direct marketing campaigns
  • Missed opportunities from incomplete prospect databases

Real Life Snapshot: Missed Opportunities from an Incomplete Database

A big part of our job at ZoomInfo is analyzing our clients’ existing B2B data and comparing it against detailed profiles of millions of companies and business professionals. During the analysis, our data experts uncover problems and provide recommendations, simultaneously discovering new opportunities.

Below is an example of a data deliverability report our experts compiled. The data shows that out of all their contacts, this particular organization was missing 43% of email addresses. They’re in big trouble if they rely heavily on email campaigns!


Use Buyer Personas to Leverage Lead Scoring

Buyer personas are detailed profiles about your prospects and customers, based on real demographic and firmographic data. This information helps you tailor your messaging, making sure your contacts receive information relevant to them. If your messaging is specific to construction professionals and real estate professionals are receiving it, it’s irrelevant to them. The inability to segment and target can be damaging to your marketing campaigns and even worse, your reputation. Buyer personas also help to understand how different personas engage with your organization. Whether it’s through email, phone, webinars, social media, or other inbound or outbound efforts, this data is another component to a successful marketing campaign.

Data experts at ZoomInfo can create buyer personas, customized to your organization, by analyzing your existing B2B data and comparing it to the millions of records in our database. During analysis, our data experts first look at your B2B data as a whole and then break it down into homogenous groups. Breaking the data down into homogenous groups uncovers your top industries and best customers, as well as growth opportunities customized to your organization that you didn’t know existed! For example, looking at your B2B data as a whole may show that businesses in the health care industry are highly engaged with your organization. But when the data is further broken down into homogenous groups, we can determine the sizes of the businesses engaged. Maybe large businesses within the health care industry are engaged, but small to medium sized businesses might not be. These findings help find more prospects based on the characteristics of your most engaged users and gives you the opportunity to either refine your message to certain segments or not buy leads from those markets at all.

Our data experts will also append your data with key B2B information such as industry, company, revenue and size, job function, and much more, to improve lead scoring. Lead scoring is the process of determining the sales readiness of leads using a predetermined methodology. Scoring methodology is based on behavior, firmographics, and online and offline behavioral attributes. These efforts help marketing and sales teams to be more efficient, which increases campaign ROI and revenue.

Make Your Marketing Campaigns More Profitable

ZoomInfo can help make your organization’s marketing campaigns more profitable with your existing B2B data! Get relevant demographic data to aid in segmentation and targeting, improve lead scoring, fill in the holes, plug the gaps, and update records, removing obsolete data and fill it with just-verified email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, correct titles, company information, and more.

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