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The voracious pace of information consumption brought on by the evolution of technology makes it increasingly difficult for a company to make market inroads, establish brand and eventually translate increased efforts into sales and revenue. In the high stakes of modern sales intelligence the difference between “Average” and “Best-in-Class” enterprises can mean millions of dollars in lost productivity, revenue and perhaps eventually a company’s existence.

In attempting to cut through the noise and stand above the rest, the core issue often boils down to simply connecting with the right people more often than your competitors do. The major key to this, other than a motivated sales staff, is possessing more accurate and detailed data than that of your competition.

A recent report issued by the Aberdeen Group draws insights from two of its research papers, Streamlining the Top of the Funnel: How Inside Sales Teams Source, Qualify and Close Business (March 2010) and Email Marketing: Customers Take it Personally (December 2010) where data was collected on the behavior and performance of ZoomInfo customers as well as other Best-in-Class companies.

Of the 319 end-user organizations providing information for the research, 30 companies indicated utilizing ZoomInfo as their provider of sales intelligence and showed that they improved their performance around various Key Performance Indicators as compared to the rest of the firms polled:

The findings show that ZoomInfo customers saw year-over-year increases that beat the industry average in overall company revenue, average deal size and saw increases in key aspects of sales team quota achievement. In addition, Aberdeen also reported the following:

  • The average deal size for ZoomInfo customers was 2.8 times larger: $409,000┬ácompared to $148,000 among “Industry Average” firms.
  • Inside sales teams using ZoomInfo reported 47 phone dials per day vs. 39 dials for the average as well as 20 human connections vs. 17 per day for the average.
  • ZoomInfo customers reported faster lead response time from their field sales or “closer” staff: 2.29 days vs. 2.62 days as well as a higher lead acceptance rate at 56% vs. 41%.

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