Before you build prospect list, Build a customer profile

Identifying the right audience is the most important step in the process of finding new customers, prospects or leads. Without knowing your audience, you would not know where to look for them. Once you know what you should be looking for, you can use some of the awesome tools that ZoomInfo has to offer to build the most effective marketing campaigns and target your prospects like you could never before. So how do you go about building your ideal customer’s profile? What parameters can you use to filter a large database in order to build a targeted marketing and sales leads list?

If you have been in business for some time, most likely you have at least a few customers already. Before you look anywhere else, start by thinking about your existing customers. Following questions would help you get to the answers you need to build your buyer’s persona –

If you are targeting business profiles, you should ask yourself –

  1. Who are my customers? What is their income? Age? Location?
  2. What are the job functions or roles of my customers? What do they usually purchase? Average amount of transaction?
  3. How often do they make a purchase? Is it cyclical or seasonal? This will give you an idea about your sales frequency, which is very important when you are building a revenue strategy and looking for more ways to increase revenue for your company.
  4. Is there a specific time when the customers make a purchase? For example, if you are an IT solution provider to educational publishers, like our client Focus Eduvation, the best time to reach out to your prospects might be the late summer, i.e. around the back-to-school period. Timing matters when you are prospecting.
  5. Which is the industry that my customers work in? What do they need help with to increase their revenue, and how do my product or services help them in achieving their goals?

If you are targeting companies, the questions to answer would be –

  1. Which companies are my customers? Their revenue? Location?
  2. What is the average size of my company? Are they early stage or mature companies? How many employees do they usually have?
  3. What are the industries that these companies operate in?
  4. How does my product or service solve their problems?
  5. How often do they make a purchase? Is it cyclical or seasonal?
  6. Who are the decision makers in the companies? What are their profiles and job functions?
  7. Is there any specific location that has higher concentration of your customers? When you look for new customers, you can pay special attention to this location.

Once you have answered above questions, you would be better positioned to take advantage of prospecting tools and find the exact kind of leads that you are interested in.

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