Right Message for the Right Target: The Equation for Sales Prospecting Success


The following blog post was written by Peter Mollins, Vice President of Marketing at KnowledgeTree

Sales Prospecting has grown steadily more important for B2B companies. In fact, a study by InsideSales.com and the Kellogg School of Management showed that having a specialized prospecting team increased close ratios from 10% to 17%.

So it’s critical that sales leaders look to implement best practices to support sales prospecting activities. That’s why ZoomInfo and KnowledgeTree teamed up on a webinar called “Supercharge Your Sales Prospecting,” which looked at approaches you can take now to increase sales prospecting effectiveness.

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Sales Tips: 5 Things You Should Never Say to Prospects [infographic]

Sales reps are tasked with establishing relationships with prospects and proving the worth of their product or solution to eventually close the deal. The job of a sales rep requires a lot of communication through phone calls, emails, and demos. Regardless of how long you’ve been working in sales, you can still accidentally say the wrong thing, which can cause a big problem.

In today’s world, prospects expect sales reps to know about their background and company starting from the first conversation. As a sales rep, you should never start a conversation mispronouncing a prospect’s name or send an email spelling it wrong. Asking what their company does is also a huge no-no. Before you pick up the phone or hit send on an email, do your research. You need to know who these people are, what they do, if they’re a decision maker, and as much information about their company that you can gather. Knowing specifics about your prospects allows you to further target your message and sales pitch to their exact needs.

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9 Steps to Leaving the Perfect First Sales Voicemail

The importance of a sales voicemail

You found a highly qualified lead, pick up the phone and dial their phone number, but get their voicemail. Should you hang up the phone and try back later? No. What you should do is leave a voicemail. A voicemail is a great way to introduce yourself and your company and create curiosity around your product or service.

Use the steps below to leave the perfect first sales voicemail

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5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance

improve-sales-performanceAs a sales rep, hearing, “I don’t have time right now,” “Contact me later,” and “I’m not interested,” isn’t uncommon. There are many possible reasons your contacts don’t want to have a conversation with you.

Check out some of the possibilities below to find out how you can keep your leads on the phone and improve your sales performance:

You’re talking to the wrong person at the company


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Cold Calling: What You Need to Know Before Picking up the Phone

As a B2B sales person, you know how difficult cold calling can be. Everyone calls you a telemarketer. They think you’re trying to trap them in a contract, right? Wrong! The truth is if you’re calling the right people with a message that’s relevant to them they’ll see value in what you offer and will even be glad that you called.

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