Does your prospect know more than you?

Have you noticed how many of your prospects these days have a whole lot of knowledge regarding what you’re selling? Sales expert Jill Konrath has and she writes about it in anew article on ZoomInsights. Prior to meeting, today’s buyers have done their homework. They might have researched your company. They know about your products and services. They know about your competitors. They may even know a good deal about you — personally.

Konrath writes that today’s buyers want intelligent conversations centered on their key business challenges and needs. They’ve raised the bar for salespeople, and Konrath explains how to meet the challenge. And the answer is not, “having a great pitch!”

Check out Konrath’s article.

The power of direct-line prospecting

Most sales representatives prefer to call prospects’ direct phone numbers, but sales expert Ted Martin says that relatively few reps have any idea how to get those digits. That’s the focus of a new article Martin wrote for ZoomInsights. To demonstrate the importance of knowing direct-line phone numbers, Martin looked at statistics from his own company’s sales staff and found that you can triple the effectiveness of your outbound-calling effort (or lead-qualification effort) if you double the number of direct lines on your calling list.

Martin’s article provides two helpful hints on how to obtain direct-line phone numbers. He explains how you can sometimes get the numbers from other people in the prospect’s company (who aren’t trained gatekeepers). And he provides a code you can use with certain automated attendant systems.

Of course, you can also find a lot of direct-line phone numbers with ZoomInfo Pro! Check out Martin’s article and while you’re there, sign up for his January webinar with ZoomInfo.