How to Use Surveys to Reach B2B Business Goals

business surveyAs a marketer, you must have a clear understanding of your audience’s needs and interests to remain current, improve customer experience, and ultimately grow your business. Unfortunately, many businesses are working with an outdated or surface-level view of their customers.

But, we have a simple fix—surveys! Whether you realize it or not, marketers can use surveys to reach important business goals. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started! Continue reading “How to Use Surveys to Reach B2B Business Goals”

5 Critical Tips for Planning a B2B Conference

planning a b2b conferenceMore and more B2B organizations have begun to host conferences and live events– and for good reason. Live events help companies engage with customers and prospects, boost brand awareness, generate leads, and so much more. It’s no wonder why 80% of marketers believe that live events are critical to their organization’s success (source).

But, organizing a B2B conference presents a unique set of challenges. Events require extensive planning and preparation in order to meet goals and maximize results. Continue reading “5 Critical Tips for Planning a B2B Conference”

Sentiment Analysis: A Primer for B2B Marketers

sentiment analysisHow do people feel about your company? You may think you know the answer to this question – your products sell well, you’ve gotten some great customer feedback, and your social media posts garner strong engagement. But, if you don’t actively analyze the emotions and attitudes people express about your brand and products, you might be missing the bigger picture.

‘Emotions’ and ‘feelings’ aren’t words that come up often in the B2B world. B2B products tend to be complex and more practical than flashy– so B2B organizations often value logic and reason over emotions.   Continue reading “Sentiment Analysis: A Primer for B2B Marketers”

35+ Statistics About Dirty Data

dirty data statisticsThere is no greater asset to your organization than your B2B database. However, when your database becomes cluttered with outdated, incomplete or inaccurate contact information, it can prove to be a costly obstacle along your route to success.

From marketing, lead generation and customer relationships, to sales and even revenue, dirty data can have an insurmountable impact on all areas of your business.

As frustrating as it may be, data decay is a natural outcome of the ever-changing B2B landscape; professionals are constantly changing positions, titles, locations and places of work, rendering data useless. Continue reading “35+ Statistics About Dirty Data”

The Marketer’s Guide to User-Generated Content

user-generated contentToday’s digital marketplace has become increasingly customer-centric. Modern customers demand authentic, valuable content over more traditional marketing content that resembles a sales pitch. So, how can marketers deliver the content buyers crave? We say, embrace user-generated content.

If you’re new to user-generated content, keep reading! Today’s blog post will tell you everything you need to know. Continue reading “The Marketer’s Guide to User-Generated Content”

35+ Marketing Jokes to Brighten Your Day

marketing jokesA little bit of humor can go a long way– even in the marketing world. Today’s marketing professionals must juggle a number of high-priority tasks throughout the day, and often, they find themselves under a significant amount of stress. In these cases, a few lighthearted jokes can ease the tension of the day-to-day marketing job.

And, believe it or not, humor does more than just relieve stress– it can actually make marketers better at their jobs. Scientific studies show that humor and laughter lead to more inspiration and creativity. Continue reading “35+ Marketing Jokes to Brighten Your Day”

8 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

landing page conversion ratesYour marketing landing pages may receive a ton of traffic– but are you converting those visitors to leads? For marketers, there’s nothing more frustrating than low landing page conversion rates, especially when it’s difficult to determine what the cause is.

The truth is, there are many reasons why your landing pages may be suffering from low conversion rates. Marketers must consider several possibilities in order to correct their errors and create winning landing pages. Continue reading “8 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates”

6 Types of Snackable Content for the B2B Marketer

snackable contentYour goal as a B2B marketer is to capture the attention of potential buyers with informational resources and content. Yet, in a world of information overload, how can you cut through the digital noise to reach your prospects?

Enter, snackable content. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, snackable content is essentially the same as traditional marketing content—but condensed. Snackable content is shorter, more-to-the-point, and chock full of value. When done correctly, B2B marketers can use snackable content to capture more leads and drive user engagement. Continue reading “6 Types of Snackable Content for the B2B Marketer”

What Sales Reps Must Know About Marketing Automation

marketing automationMarketing automation has become an increasingly effective tool in today’s technology-driven business landscape. In fact, studies show that the use of a marketing automation platform produces, on average, 60% revenue growth for B2B businesses (source). While its name implies marketing automation is strictly for marketers, sales teams can also use marketing automation to boost productivity and efficiency.

Unfortunately, many sales reps are still in the dark when it comes to marketing automation and it’s easy to see why. Sales reps are constantly busy selling, so they don’t often have the time or reason to look into tools primarily used for marketing purposes. Continue reading “What Sales Reps Must Know About Marketing Automation”