The Importance of B2B Lead Nurturing


What is Lead Nurturing?

Most leads aren’t sales-ready when you first contact them. Lead nurturing is a process through which you can maintain a relationship with those leads, track them, and develop them into sales-ready leads rather than letting them go cold.

Why Nurture Leads?

73 % of sales leads are not sales-ready when they enter the top of the funnel but 65% of B2B marketers have not established lead nurturing campaigns. This leaves a lot of room for those leads to go cold over time. These leads aren’t ready to purchase just yet. But don’t forget that there’s a huge opportunity to create a relationship with potential future customers. Remember, they became a lead for a reason and saw inherent value in something you offered. Creating and nurturing long lasting relationships with these leads can help establish trust and loyalty for your organization. Additionally, you can ensure that these contacts are clean and up-to-date by engaging with them as part of a B2B nurture campaign.


Engaging with the leads in your funnel also positions your organization as an industry leader. While they may not be ready to buy when they enter the funnel, once they have a need for your product or solution you’ll be the first to come to mind. Marketing departments with campaigns to nurture leads report 45% higher ROI than those that didn’t.

Lead nurturing is especially critical in B2B industries because these types of deals are typically larger, more expensive, and involve a few people in the purchase decision. Therefore, the sales cycle is generally longer and requires more informative materials to make the decision.

How to Nurture Leads

Take advantage of the B2B buying cycle by improving how you position your organization to leads during that time by providing them with valuable content. According to research by MarketingSherpa, of the marketers that use lead nurturing campaigns:

  • 57% rated email newsletters as the most effective channel for nurturing leads
  • 35% found that white papers performed well
  • 35% found that thought leadership articles performed well
  • 30% found that webinars performed well

Keep in mind what your organization can actually accomplish effectively. For example, if your marketing team has great content writers, try to focus on white papers and thought leadership articles. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t force something that your marketing team can’t do well. To best nurture prospects and leads into sales-ready prospects, they have to continuously see value in what you provide.

What to Expect

Your prospects and leads aren’t going to trust everything you tell them when you give them the hard sell up front, but if they’ve gotten to know you as a trustworthy source of valuable information for their purchase decision you’re much more likely to see the rewards you want: future purchases. Even better, if you do a great job of effectively providing them with valuable content, they’ll be more likely to expand their purchase beyond what they were initially interested in.

Before you start to strategize your B2B lead nurturing campaign, you need to understand your existing B2B data. ZoomInfo can perform a data analysis to identify your buyer personas and provide you with relevant demographic information to assist in list segmentation and targeting. Contact ZoomInfo today for more information at 866-904-9666!