Get to Know Your Summit Speaker: Lauren Bailey, Factor 8

On September 12th-13th, ZoomInfo hosted a group of nationally recognized speakers to discuss all things sales and marketing at our first annual Growth Acceleration Summit. From ABM strategies to sales and marketing alignment to effective lead generation strategies, we covered it all.

Your businesses’ success relies on your sales and marketing teams working together. These speakers have seen the good, the bad and the ugly and have some tips to help you reach your year-end goals. Continue reading “Get to Know Your Summit Speaker: Lauren Bailey, Factor 8”

8 Things to Consider Before Buying Sales and Marketing Solutions

For years, marketing and sales have struggled with countless challenges related to making their numbers, from not generating enough leads, to market share, to customer retention, to you name it… It feels like a never-ending cycle, and what makes it worse is the influx of new SaaS-based companies claiming they have “an app for that.”

While most of these companies will address a number of the challenges that B2B marketers and salespeople face, there is no single “magic app.” It takes the right mix of them to actually reap the benefits and deliver on the ROI of the combined tool-set or platform. Continue reading “8 Things to Consider Before Buying Sales and Marketing Solutions”

5 Actions to Fool-Proof Your Sales and Marketing Alignment Plan

What’s holding you back when it comes to sales and marketing alignment?

While shared technology and tools can help, sales and marketing alignment is more about mindsets and skill-sets than it is about tool-sets. Real alignment is forged by process and people, rather than technology. Of course, technology can help automate tasks, create shared reports, and remove inefficiencies and workarounds. But if you don’t have aligned mindsets and goals, with set processes in place, your efforts to accelerate revenue growth by aligning sales and marketing efforts will crash and burn. Continue reading “5 Actions to Fool-Proof Your Sales and Marketing Alignment Plan”

How Marketing Can Efficiently Scale Lead Generation Results

With ZoomInfo’s first annual Growth Acceleration Summit only a month away, I’ve been thinking about simple hacks that can help organizations achieve profitable growth.

Now, I’m not a salesperson. I’ve never had a quota or owned a pipeline. But as a marketer, I’m constantly working alongside sales. And whenever growth comes up, without fail, someone will refer to the acronym A.B.C., or “always be closing.”

Meanwhile, my fellow marketing professionals have developed their own spin, “always be creating.” Continue reading “How Marketing Can Efficiently Scale Lead Generation Results”

3 Key Metrics to Increase Your Sales Productivity

Sales is a numbers game. And more often than not, those numbers exclusively revolve around revenue. That’s why, when sales leadership looks at their team’s activity to measure productivity, common metrics include:

  • Number of actions (calls/emails) per day: How many times have sales reps tried reaching out to potential buyers?
  • Opportunity creation: How many opportunities, for how much potential revenue, are a result of sales reps’ activity?
  • Closed won/lost business: Looking down the funnel, what’s the aggregate close rate of qualified opportunities?

Here’s the problem with the above metrics: sales productivity should be measured by KPIs that depict both the effectiveness of outreach and the efficiency at which reps perform those tasks. But the analysis, and subsequent insight, gained from these metrics focus too much on effectiveness and largely ignore day-to-day activities, which impede efficiency. Continue reading “3 Key Metrics to Increase Your Sales Productivity”

How to Hit a Business Home Run: 3 Lessons from Babe Ruth

On June 2, 1935 Babe Ruth announced his retirement from baseball. By the age of 40 he had become an American hero, an example of athletic prowess and a legend in his own lifetime.

Ruth introduced a whole new style of sportsmanship into the big leagues and there are many lessons on innovation and leadership that we can learn from him. I’ll explain more in the post below. Continue reading “How to Hit a Business Home Run: 3 Lessons from Babe Ruth”