From 1775 to 2016: Why Massachusetts Is Still a Revolutionary State

On February 9, 1775, the British Parliament declared that Massachusetts was in a state of rebellion. That was exactly 241 years ago, and yet, this revolutionary spirit has not disappeared. In fact, I would argue that it can be found throughout the Bay State’s history – and even today – in everything from politics to sports to technology. Continue reading “From 1775 to 2016: Why Massachusetts Is Still a Revolutionary State”

Decreasing Product Monetization Window with Increasing Revenue Potential


Evolving Product Life Cycles

Product Life Cycle is a chart that denotes the different stages in a product’s life: in the Introduction phase the product is developed and launched, customers are acquired in the Growth phase, the product has its peak in the Maturity stage, and it’s phased out of the market in the Decline stage. Most of the revenue is made during the Maturity stage and, so as a marketer, one of the main objectives historically, has been to extend the Maturity phase as long as possible. Continue reading “Decreasing Product Monetization Window with Increasing Revenue Potential”

The Growth Conundrum in Enterprise vs Consumer

Hacking growth can be a wild beast to tackle. The vast majority of information available online is around B2C growth hacking covering topics such as user acquisition, retention, CTA optimization, content, social marketing and viral adoption. While this works perfectly well for the B2C world, where do B2B growth hackers fit in, and how do they figure out which growth tactics are relevant for their business? Continue reading “The Growth Conundrum in Enterprise vs Consumer”

Top 8 Marketing Trends that Define 2016

marketing-trendsMarketers are always looking into the future trying to predict the next big trend. Naturally, marketers are always thinking about how they can make their campaign the next big thing. It’s in our blood. As 2015 comes to an end, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and make sure you’re ready for 2016. Below are the top 8 trends that are going to have the biggest impact on the future of marketing (some are even impacting marketing now). Continue reading “Top 8 Marketing Trends that Define 2016”

Can Business Growth be Repeatable and Deterministic?

There is a certain mystique that is attached to the notion of growth. Sales growth is seen as elusive and unpredictable, but is it really? I have a close friend who recently closed his series A funding for a B2B product. He already has some revenue and wants to grow 3x in the next 12 months. When I asked him about how he plans to get there – his response was somewhat in these lines, “I plan to hire smart people, create a stellar sales team and believe they’ll do all the right things that will lead us to 3x growth in revenue.” Continue reading “Can Business Growth be Repeatable and Deterministic?”