Top Selling Challenges of 2018 and How to Overcome Them

selling challenges

Sales professionals are under constant pressure to achieve higher quotas and deliver value to their clients in an increasingly competitive landscape. To gain a better understanding of the specific challenges facing sales professionals in 2018, Richardson Sales Training surveyed more than 350 sales professionals. The resulting 2018 Selling Challenges Study provides a panoramic view of these challenges and solutions to overcome them.

Ready to learn about the top sales challenges of 2018 and how to overcome them? You’ve come to the right place, keep reading. Continue reading “Top Selling Challenges of 2018 and How to Overcome Them”

Targeted Marketing or Bad Poetry? [Infographic]

targeted marketingBad poetry: It’s hard to describe but easy to spot. We all know there’s nothing worse than the terrible rhymes, mixed metaphors, and over-the-top adjectives found in amateur poetry.  When a poem is bad, it’s uncomfortable to get through and leaves readers confused— just like bad content marketing.

Bad content is similar to bad poetry but it’s not always as easy to identify.  It’s difficult to meet the ever-growing demand for content, but if you blindly follow trends or fail to think concepts through, your efforts will undoubtedly fail. If you want to be seen as a thought-leader, you need to bring a fresh perspective to your content. Continue reading “Targeted Marketing or Bad Poetry? [Infographic]”

Programmatic Advertising for Beginners

programmatic advertisingAs with nearly every other aspect of business— automation, predictive learning, and artificial intelligence have drastically changed the advertising landscape. The biggest change? Programmatic advertising.

Defined, programmatic advertising is the use of data-driven software to automate the buying and placement of digital ads, including online desktop display, mobile, video, etc. While traditional advertising purchases involve RFPs, estimates, and face-to-face interaction, programmatic advertising relies on technologies and algorithms to buy online ad space. Continue reading “Programmatic Advertising for Beginners”

Your Guide to Sales Prospect Research

sales prospect researchAbraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The sentiment here is clear: Task preparation is just as important as task execution. To achieve success in the B2B sales world, this is a rule you must live by.

Consider this: only 13% of buyers feel like salespeople understand their needs (source). Now, if you’re a sales rep, this statistic might leave you scratching your head.  Why do so many buyers feel misunderstood? And, how can you remedy this issue? Continue reading “Your Guide to Sales Prospect Research”

The Power of Web Push Notifications [Infographic]

web push notificationsIf you’re not familiar with push notifications, here’s a very basic definition: Push notifications are messages that come from an app or website that appear on a subscriber’s desktop computer or mobile device—even if they’re not on that particular company’s website. Businesses everywhere use push notifications to deliver content and important updates to customers and website visitors.

Because push notifications are a relatively new marketing tool, businesses are still trying to figure out how to leverage this new technology to its full potential. Continue reading “The Power of Web Push Notifications [Infographic]”

B2B Artificial Intelligence and Sales

ai for salesArtificial Intelligence. If you’ve been online in the last six months, you’ll see talk of AI everywhere. Experts across the globe are offering up their own take—trying to be first to tell you exactly how artificial intelligence will impact your industry, your company, your product, your job.

And, at ZoomInfo, we’re no exception. We recently discussed AI in the following post: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on B2B Marketing. Today John Holland, Chief Content Officer of CustomerCentric Selling, helps us cover the other side of the coin—artificial intelligence within the sales process. Keep reading. Continue reading “B2B Artificial Intelligence and Sales”

5 Surprising Sources of High-Quality Leads

high quality leadsFor jackpot-winning businesses in hot sectors, high-quality leads just flow in naturally. However, for the majority of organizations, lead generation is a little more complicated than simply whispering you’re open for business.

In today’s digital age, there is a lot of emphasis on generating leads through blogs, emails, social media, Google AdWords, etc. All well and good, but you should also take a step back and focus on the most valuable lead generation weapon of them all – your networks. Continue reading “5 Surprising Sources of High-Quality Leads”