4 Ways to Refresh Your Stale B2B Social Media Presence

b2b social mediaLet’s face it, in B2B marketing it’s easy to let your B2B social media accounts grow stale and outdated. With the social media landscape constantly evolving, and with so many other marketing responsibilities to juggle, many brands get complacent and fail to keep their social media strategy fresh.

However, it is important to recognize when you’ve gotten complacent and what updates you need to make to get back on track. Continue reading “4 Ways to Refresh Your Stale B2B Social Media Presence”

7 Ways to Improve Your B2B Job Descriptions

b2b job descriptionsAs important as it is for job candidates to make a good first impression, it’s equally important for the hiring company to do so, too. To help you impress job applicants and attract top talent, we give you seven ways to improve your B2B job descriptions.

With just a few small changes to your job descriptions, you can improve the quality of your candidates and the efficiency of the hiring process. Keep reading. Continue reading “7 Ways to Improve Your B2B Job Descriptions”

How to Use Visuals to Enhance the B2B Buyer’s Journey

visuals buyers journeyMaking a purchase in a brick and mortar store is an inherently visual experience. Customers typically look through a number of items, spot something they need or want, and put their hands on the product before deciding to buy it. The modern B2B buying journey, on the other hand, is much more complex.

The B2B buying experience primarily takes place on the web rather than in person. And, B2B products are often technical solutions rather than tangible items the buyer can touch and see. To make the buyer’s journey engaging and immersive, B2B marketers must rely on a wide variety of visual content. Continue reading “How to Use Visuals to Enhance the B2B Buyer’s Journey”

The Role of Face-to-Face Interaction in the Modern Sales Process

face-to-face sales meetingsIt’s no secret, technology has transformed the way businesses communicate with customers and prospects. Modern sales reps rely on a variety of tools and technologies to conduct their work—including email, social media, video chat tools and more. As a result, the traditional in-person sales meeting has become far less common than it once was.

But, even as the B2B sales process becomes increasingly digital, face-to-face meetings still provide certain benefits that no technology can replicate. In today’s blog post, we explain why in-person interaction remains critical to the modern sales process and we offer several tips to make the most of face-to-face meetings. Let’s get into it! Continue reading “The Role of Face-to-Face Interaction in the Modern Sales Process”

Predictive Intelligence and the Future of B2B Marketing

predictive intelligenceWhat if you could predict a customer’s next move before they even make the decision to do it? In the past, this question was purely hypothetical. But, thanks to technological advancements, predicting customer behavior has become a reality—and it’s changed the face of marketing forever.

Predictive intelligence and machine learning may sound like futuristic concepts, but they’ve already made a massive impact in the marketing world. If you need proof, take a look at these statistics (source): Continue reading “Predictive Intelligence and the Future of B2B Marketing”

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Ephemeral Content

ephemeral contentThe social media landscape is constantly in a state of change—and although it can be difficult to keep up at times, modern marketers must make an effort to do so. Consider these statistics (source):

  • The average consumer spends over two hours on social media a day.
  • 67% of all Americans report getting their news from social media.
  • 81% of the US population has at least one social media profile.

These numbers indicate one thing— your prospects and customers regularly turn to social media to consume content. Therefore, if your content marketing strategy doesn’t mirror the evolution of social media, you risk a slow and steady decline in your social media reach and engagement. Continue reading “The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Ephemeral Content”

How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence At Your Next Business Event

artificial intelligence business eventEvent marketers have always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, as they strive to grab and keep attendee interest long after each event is over. So, it should come as no surprise that AI has become a staple at industry events. In fact—88% of event professionals said they plan to use artificial intelligence in 2018, a 107% increase from the previous year (source).

If you’re not familiar with AI, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So, we’ve created a helpful guide for event planners to help you leverage AI and maximize the success of your next event. Let’s get into it! Continue reading “How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence At Your Next Business Event”

4 Essential Marketing Roles for the Modern Marketing Team

marketing rolesLet’s face it—it’s not easy to build a perfect marketing team. A comprehensive marketing strategy includes a number of different tactics and initiatives—which means your team must include members with a wide variety of skills.

If you work in marketing, you’re already aware of the most common essential roles—social media managers, content specialists, email marketing managers, etc. But, the marketing industry moves fast, and new trends and developments call for new job requirements—some of which your team might be lacking. Continue reading “4 Essential Marketing Roles for the Modern Marketing Team”

The Beginner’s Guide to Compounding Content

compounding contentModern content creators strive to deliver fast results—and for good reason. We live in a fast-paced, competitive digital landscape, and marketers are under constant pressure to make an immediate impact with every piece of content they create.

But when it comes to content marketing success, content marketers must prioritize long-term strategy over short-term gains. Ask yourself—would you rather create content that generates immediate traffic and then fades into obscurity, or sustainable content that continues to generate traffic long after it’s published.

The answer is obvious, but another question remains: How can marketers create content that increases in value over time? Enter something called compounding content. Continue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Compounding Content”

5 Ways to Build a Better Employer Brand

employer brandRecruiting and marketing may be two separate fields—but in today’s digital world, the lines between the two have become increasingly blurred. In fact, 86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing (source).

The recruiting landscape is now a candidate-driven and highly competitive environment. As a result, the strategies recruiters use for candidate sourcing now mirror the tactics marketers use to attract customers—the main overlap being branding. Continue reading “5 Ways to Build a Better Employer Brand”