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Rachel is a communications & marketing specialist. In her role at ZoomInfo, she helps with social media and content creation.

3 Signs of a Healthy Lead Generation & Marketing Funnel

There’s been some debate about whether the marketing funnel is still relevant today. After all, the buyer’s journey is not always linear. And multiple people often get involved, which makes it harder to stay in control as they conduct their own research and make purchasing decisions.

However, whether you stick with the traditional term or opt for a different variation, you need to know if your strategy is working. Read More

7 Steps to Improve Email Deliverability

Take a look at your inbox – how many unread or deleted messages do you have? And how many of them are from companies trying to catch your attention?

This is the reality of email marketing today. As such, it’s crucial to understand best practices that can help you improve deliverability and compete in an environment where much is outside your control. Read More

3 Steps to Mastering the Art & Science of Inside Sales

inside-salesInside sales is both an art and a science. In order to succeed, you need to identify your target market, but you also need to know how to hold relevant conversations with decision makers you care about most.

Reach more of the right prospects with these inside sales strategies: Read More

How to Enrich Your Marketing Database [Infographic]

enrich marketing databaseYou’ve probably heard people say sales is a team sport. But what about marketing? If you think about it, B2B marketers are a lot like football players (really)! Stick with us here: your goal is to win big, creating effective campaigns that generate leads. But that doesn’t always happen. Maybe your B2B data is outdated, preventing you from getting the first down. Or maybe there’s an interception, as you try – and fail – to pass leads on to sales. Either way, there’s room for significant improvement. Read More

3 Ways Social Media Can Shorten the B2B Sales Cycle

You’ve probably already heard the buzz about social selling. Proponents note that 84% of C-level/vice president executives use social media to support purchase decisions (source: IDC). In addition, social sellers realize a 66% greater quota attainment than those using traditional prospecting methods (source: Sales Benchmark Index).

Still not convinced it should have a place in your sales process? Continue reading to learn how social media can shorten your sales cycle.

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3 Ways to Use Data for B2B Sales Outreach


The end of the year is almost here, which means it’s crunch time for B2B sales professionals. The question is, are you going to hit your quota, exceed expectations, or fall short? If it’s looking like the third option, don’t give up just yet.

With B2B data, you can improve your prospecting and reach more of the right buyers.

Continue reading to learn about 3 ways to use data for B2B sales outreach:

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4 Myths about Sales Productivity

sales productivity

Every B2B sales rep wants to be more productive, so they can hit their quota that much faster. But when asked how to best accomplish this goal, many seem to be at a loss.

This should come as no surprise, given the number of misconceptions still exist about sales productivity today. Let’s dispel them once and for all.

Continue reading to learn about the top 4 sales productivity myths, debunked:

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Are B2B Sales Reps an Endangered Species: A Follow Up

Business ManWe’ve all heard it before: the prediction that B2B sales as we know it will soon become obsolete. In fact, Forrester has forecasted that 1 million U.S. B2B salespeople will lose their jobs to self-service eCommerce by 2020, accounting for 20% of the B2B sales force.

But this is old news. In 2010, we even published a blog post on the topic. At the time, our stance was in line with what other sales leaders were saying. The main takeaway: there’s no denying that the sales process has changed. However, as long as reps continue to provide value, there will still be a place for them.

Fast forward six years, and this point is still valid. But we’d like to elaborate a bit more, given all the new technologies that have popped up on the marketplace.

Continue reading to learn about some of the technological advances that have helped – rather than hurt – B2B sales reps:
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Use Market Intelligence to Find Your Second Whale

The end of Q4 is approaching, and you’ve already landed a whale. That’s great! But before you get too complacent, remember that Q1 is just around the corner.

So, what are you going to do when your manager asks you to find another big-name brand – one that will be just as profitable as the last client you brought in?

Continue reading to learn how market intelligence can help you find your second whale: Read More

3 Ways to Use the Phone for B2B Sales Success

How many conversations does it take to turn a qualified prospect into a customer? Ask any B2B sales professional this question, and they’ll tell you a different number based on their personal experience.

Of course, some sales cycles will naturally be longer than others. But before you can even talk about closing the deal, you need to get the right people on the phone. And this is where sales reps tend to run into roadblocks, from wrong numbers to gatekeepers. Read More