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Eugenia Gillan is leading ZoomInfo Engineering team since 2009. She brings more than 20 years of software and quality experience to the position, along with a proven record of building and catalyzing engineering teams to plan and deploy products for global markets. She is charged with driving ZoomInfo's development of groundbreaking data acquisition and delivery technologies.

AngularJS: A Smart Decision for Increased Productivity and Business Agility

AngularJS: A Smart Decision for Increased Productivity and Business Agility    

By Rohan Jyoti, Software Engineer

1. Introduction

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that aims to make JavaScript second nature to HTML. It enables developers creating web applications to feel right at home with proper coding principles and design. Utilizing an efficient MVC design pattern and two-way data binding, AngularJS allows us to reduce direct DOM manipulation on the client side as well as reduce server load.

Imagine an engine; an engine consists of multiple moving parts, countless nuts and bolts, and precision logic assembled together to make a purposeful machine. Realize that you don’t build an engine by first laying down the foundation and assembling it only to realize that now you must go back and “grab” bits here and there to make it work properly… So why-oh-why would you create an enterprise-level web application in such a hacky, grab-this, grab-that after-the-fact manner? Read More

The value of a TechFest for a technology driven company

Zoominfo’s TechFest is a two day time-out from day-to-day project work where we allow ourselves to think outside the box and brainstorm improvements to ZoomInfo offerings.
As a technology- driven company we of course rely on innovation for all aspects of our product offerings. There is a consistent need for us to both improve our established products and processes as well as to look into the future in order to take our technology to the next level. Undeniably, the driving force of ZoomInfo is our technology and the innovations and improvements we develop now will be what propels us into the future.
Our engineers have responsibility to not only complete their projects on time, but to be constantly focused on what they can do to improve and achieve the ultimate philosophical goal of our development; making the unknown known. Read More