Get Your Marketing Database in the Best Shape [Infographic]

marketing databaseJust as you need a healthy body to perform your best, your marketing team needs a healthy database to drive results. To keep both your body and your marketing database healthy, you need to have the right mindset, stay committed, and work with a comprehensive plan. Not sure if your database is in need of a lifestyle change? Check out our infographic to find out!

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Clean Your Sales and Marketing Database [Infographic]

sales and marketing databaseDirty data is an epidemic. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa, B2B data decays by about 22.5% every year. Simply put, 1 out of 5 contact records in your marketing database is lost due to inaccurate information.

Yet, organizations don’t have the resources to control this problem. This infographic will help you understand how dirty data affects your organization and the three simple steps you can take to optimize your database for sales and marketing success.
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8 Clichés to Cut from B2B Communications

b2b communicationsTo be honest, clichés are all around us in the business world.  In fact, 61% of offices report rampant abuse of clichés (source). Whether you’re trying to move the needle or think outside the box, the truth is the use of buzzwords or phrases in B2B communications gets in the way of productivity.

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4 Ways Sales Reps Can Use Content to Close More Deals

close dealsIn a recent blog post, we examined just how effective content marketing can be at generating leads. Hint: it costs 64% less than traditional advertising and generates about three times as many leads (source).   What many fail to realize is that lead generation is just the beginning when it comes to content marketing.

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4 Ways to Improve Communication in B2B Sales

b2b salesThe recent influx in communication technology has caused B2B sales reps to shift to social media, email, and even texting as a way to connect with prospects and customers. Yet none of these methods can match the effectiveness of a face-to-face conversation.  In fact, 85% of sales reps say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person meetings and conferences (source).

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Improve Your B2B Cold Calling Success Rates

b2b cold calling success ratesAre you less than thrilled with your B2B cold calling success rates? Even the most experienced B2B sales professionals aren’t thrilled with the idea of picking up the phone and calling a new business prospect. Yet, cold calling is still an essential part of selling. In fact, 78% of decision-makers polled have taken an appointment or attended an event that came from a cold call (source).

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6 Ways to Re-Engage Inactive Email Subscribers

campaign optimizationDid you know that the average permission-based email list contains 60% inactive subscribers (source)?

Despite your best efforts to mix up content, experiment with subject lines, and test optimal send times, it can be difficult to connect with “dead” subscribers.

Today, we show you six campaign optimization tips that will help re-engage your inactive subscribers.

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A B2B Marketer’s Guide to Personalized Messaging

B2B marketing professionals have to cut through thousands of messages each day in order to connect with qualified buyers.  A good way to get your message heard is to employ personalized marketing tactics. In fact, in a study of 650 multi-channel marketing campaigns, personalized campaigns consistently and overwhelmingly beat out static campaigns in generating a high response rate from recipients (source).

Continue reading to learn the dos and don’ts of personalized marketing:

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Flip Your Sales Funnel with Account-Based Marketing

account-based marketingThe traditional B2B growth model relies on marketing to generate and nurture leads throughout the buying cycle. However, the sales funnel has evolved. Today, customers have unprecedented access to information about products and services, causing buying habits to change.

Enter Account-Based Marketing (ABM). ABM has taken the conventional sales funnel and flipped it on its head. Rather than focusing on people, this new approach aligns sales and marketing departments behind a common goal—acquiring key accounts.

Here are some important benefits of ABM:

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