5 Steps to Structuring Your Marketing Strategy

marketing strategyDetermining how to structure your marketing strategy is a complicated task. You’re expected to stay within a determined budget and come up with viable, affordable opportunities to bring in qualified leads. These steps will help you to strategize efficiently and reach most likely buyers:

1.     Consider Internal Objectives

Think about what your marketing department’s overall goals are. Are you trying to gain brand awareness, generate more leads, increase engagement with existing customers, create new business opportunities, or a combination of those? Figure out what goals you want to reach and how you will measure success.

2.     Create Unique Branding

Focus on what your business provides and why it’s unique. What differentiates you from the competition? Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) should tell you what your core competencies are and why they are valuable to your customers.

Establish how you want your company to come across to the public and make sure that everything you do is aligned accordingly. The tone of voice, use of graphics, online presence, and every other way that the public views you tell them who you are more than any ‘About Us’ page ever can.

Make sure that your branding is appropriate for your industry space but also distinctive to your company. If people in your target market can identify who you are they’re more likely to think of you as an industry leader.

3.     Identify Your Target Market

Here’s where it gets tricky. You may think you know who your target market is, but how do you make sure that you’re not leaving out potential lines of business? Have a data scientist analyze your contact and lead business data to identify your buyer personas. This valuable information will help you to figure out how to segment your data and send targeted messages to your contacts.

4.     Cater To Your Target Market

Use your buyer personas to leverage lead scoring and provide valuable information to prospects. Knowing who your most likely buyers are will help you to figure out what marketing materials you can create and offer at different stages of the buying cycle. Pay attention to what their needs are and generate materials that will help them make informed decisions. Nurturing leads through the sales funnel will keep your relationship strong. When they do make a decision to buy, you’ll most likely be who they turn to.

5.     Update Your B2B Data Regularly

B2B data is constantly changing. People constantly change jobs, titles, and responsibilities, and mergers occur. Your marketing strategy shouldn’t go to waste! Make sure that your database is clean and up to date to ensure that you’re reaching your contacts.

Have a B2B data company, such as ZoomInfo, run a data analysis on your existing contact and lead database to identify your most likely buyers for more targeted marketing campaigns and overall marketing strategy.

ZoomInfo can help you to segment your data and uncover hidden growth opportunities. Have our data scientists clean and grow your contact database to drive more revenue. Contact ZoomInfo today for more information at 866-904-9666!