5 Signs Your Database Is Burnt Out

If you are a business with a pulse and looking to make a profit, chances are your company has a large and ever-growing database of business contacts. Improper cleaning techniques coupled with the weight of time leads to certain telltale signs that your database in its present incarnation has run its course:

1. Skeletons

Year after year names go in, but nothing seems to come out. The skeletons of old contacts keep piling up and cluttering your operations. Contacts who are long gone make the smallest of companies look like they are multinational conglomerates. Larry in Sales retired ten years ago but you are still trying your best to reach him.

2. Duplicates

A lead comes in and the name of the contact gets entered into your database. Nothing happens with this lead in the sales cycle and it lies dormant. Fast forward six months and the same contact approaches you at a trade show and he or she goes into the database – again. Duplicate mailings, bombarded email addresses, confused salespeople are just the beginning of what duplicate records can do to ruin your database’s productivity.

3. Dead Ends

An email is sent to the wrong contact. A mailer goes halfway across the world. Sales calls end up in customer support. No matter what it is, the wall hit when pursuing a dead-end lead can be difficult for even the most experienced salesperson.

4. Crickets

When even your most innovative efforts to connect with business contacts elicit no response time after time, it is time to think about updating.

5. Slammed Doors

Customer acrimony is the canary in the coalmine in database management. If your efforts rely on bad data, they will begin to clutter your operations. A certain degree of errors are to be expected, but if they continuously compound on one another to bombard prospective or current clients into ignoring you, or worse speaking ill of you, a drop-off in productivity and ROI can be guaranteed.

If any of these apply to your database, it may be time to clean it up. Click the link for more information on ZoomInfo and what we can do to update your database so these signs can be avoided.

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