3 Ways to Increase Your Tradeshow ROI

Tradeshows can be an expensive part of your marketing strategy if you’re not getting your return on investment. They’re also a great way to generate high quality leads if you’re willing to invest. With the proper marketing strategy in place you can turn your leads into sales and increase your tradeshow ROI in no time. Use the tips below to get started.

Increase Your Tradeshow ROI with these Tips:


  1. Access accurate contact information on tradeshow attendees – You pay far too much money to sponsor a tradeshow only to get back to the office with missing contact information on leads. Maybe you got their full name and phone number, but not their email or just their first name and company. Instead of wasting time manually researching the web to gather this information, make sure you have access to a B2B database, such as ZoomInfo, so you can easily fill the holes with accurate data.
  2. Build targeted lists of tradeshow attendees – If you’re able to obtain a list of companies attending the tradeshow, this can be used to your advantage. Pull key contacts from these companies ahead of time to build targeted lists. This information can be used to create brand awareness before the tradeshow as well as for your follow up campaign.
  3. Generate more leads – Segment your inbound leads to send relevant and targeted messages. Before the tradeshow you can send emails to build brand awareness and mention any tradeshow related events your organization is sponsoring. Then, as a post tradeshow campaign strategy, put these leads into a nurture campaign and send them content specific to their needs.

Having a tradeshow marketing strategy in place is crucial if you’re looking to increase ROI. Email campaigns before and after the show will help with building brand awareness and lead nurturing. Your leads may not realize they have a need for your product or solution yet, but targeted and relevant content will help engage with them.

Start turning your tradeshow leads into sales! Get access to accurate contact information and build targeted lists unique to your organization’s needs. Contact ZoomInfo today to get started!