3 Ways “Company Attributes” Can Help you Identify and Engage with Your Target Audience

buyer personaIn late 2016, ZoomInfo launched a new feature to our platform called Company Attributes. With this tool, customers can now quickly select accounts that match their value propositions, based on multiple layers of specific criteria. The growing list of nearly 200 attributes covers characteristics like sales and marketing technologies, department size and structure, location, founding date, website ranking, and more.

Let’s take a look at how this feature can help B2B marketers better identify and engage with their target audience.

1. Department Structure

Most market intelligence providers offer contact and company data, but with Company Attributes, ZoomInfo customers get more granular search capabilities.

For example, most data providers can sell you a list of companies within a specific industry that have at least 200 employees and $50 million in revenue. But with Company Attributes, you can find companies within a specific industry that have at least 200 employees, $50 million in revenue AND have at least 10 people within a specific department.

On the surface, this additional filter seems like a small detail, but every data point matters. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa, 82% of prospects value content targeted to their specific industry and 67% find content related to their job even more valuable (source).

2. Business Dependencies

Company Attributes can also establish which companies have key business dependencies or models that match your value proposition. For example, maybe you’d like to know which companies have call centers or locations overseas. Or, maybe you want to know all the companies that act as a channel or VAR (value added reseller) partner within a particular industry. Perhaps you sell to start-ups, and want to return all contacts within companies that have only been in business for one year (or two years, or three years!).

The bottom line is that you can create a stronger case for your value proposition if you understand who you’re talking to and why they should care about what you have to say. To do that, you need to understand their business and how it operates.

3. Technology Profiles

Access to a company’s B2B technology stack is extremely valuable. Understanding the particular technologies companies use can help demand generation marketers in a variety of ways. With Company Attributes, you can target companies who use a competing product or service, find companies who use products that integrate with yours, or identify holes in a prospect’s technology stack.

Not convinced? See how ZoomInfo used Company Attributes to increase a specific product’s pipeline by 114% and customer base 30%.

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